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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holiday Round-up

This was a lovely holiday.  So relaxed!  I particularly enjoyed the fact that we did many new things and went to places we hadn't been before; even when we re-visited places we had been to in the past, we generally tried new things there.  The only downside of this holiday was that I missed my Roxy-girl something fierce, it was our first family holiday without Rox, and it took some getting used to! 

  • Barcelona: The Ramblas, the Gaudi buildings and the Fountains of Montjuic in particular
  • Liberty of the Seas - The cruise was just amazing from start to finish.  Loved it!  And having Lisa and Trev there with us was the cherry on top.
  • Cassis - I was really not expecting much from the port of Toulon at all and booked the tour to Cassis as a way to fill in the hours that we were docked there.... boy did I have a surprise coming my way!  Cassis was AWESOME!
  • Tuscany - always a highlight.  The winery was fantastic and cycling around the walls of Lucca was so much fun!
  • Our tour-guides in Rome were lovely and made the day even more special
  • Positano - This little town on the Amalfi coast far exceeded my expectations.  It is so unique, so beautiful.
  • Full moon on the Med in Mijas-Costa.  A sight to behold!
  • Send - loved visiting the area in which Lisa and Trev live.  It's beautiful
  • The Batobus in Paris - I loved this means of transport, it was so relaxing. 
  • Catching a tuk-tuk down the Champs Elysee was such fun!
  • Sharing this holiday with Paula and Cal was very special, we couldn't have wished for better travel companions.
Biggest laugh of the holiday:
Paula and I getting the giggles in the lift in Nice.  It was a "you had to be there" moment!

Biggest disappointment:
The cold, cold sea in Spain - what was that about?!

The driver of our transfer coming back from the Eurostar.  Ye gads that man tried my patience to its very limit!

Also, the weather in London and Paris - it could have been a lot better!

Biggest surprise of the holiday:
Cassis.  Wow! I had NO idea it would be that beautiful!  And then there were the nudists.  Very surprising indeed.

I was also amazed at how well Paula, Cal, Grant and I got on, particularly in the close confines of our tiny cabin on the cruise. 

Best hotel:
We didn't do a lot of hotels on this holiday.  Hotel Jazz in Barcelona was very nice and the Luna Simone, although not a luxury hotel, is a good place to stay in London

Best meal: We had lots of good meals, there isn't one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  I loved our first tapas meal in Barcelona, we had some lovely food in the main dining-room on the cruise, we had a good meal at the restaurant in Rome and I thoroughly enjoyed my supper in Paris.
Worst meal: Johnny Rockets on the Cruise
Modes of transport: (We like to count the different modes of transport we use in a holiday!)
4 wheeled bicycle
underground railway
motorised "little train"

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